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Eleanor Kohlsaat

Norwich, Vermont
I'm a certified health counselor and writer. I spent half a lifetime struggling with food and my weight, bouncing from one diet to the next, before I finally figured out the only way to win the diet game is not to play. Rather than viewing food as the enemy, I learned to love eating healthy,... Full Bio
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Eleanor's blogs are well-written and realistic. She writes about changes you can make that are actually attainable and even enjoyable, so you wind up incorporating them into your daily life.


Useful hints for healthy eating that stay with you because they are written with wit and joy!


Eleanor writes about food, nutrition and life with wit, passion and simple common sense. She doesn't preach or dictate. She's honest. She understands. And she shares with her readers the benefits of her studies and her own hard-won experience like she's their best friend.

Make Friends With Food is easily my favorite health blog.

Comments: Eleanor always has incredibly practical advice and doesn't buy into the fads. It's just sensible eating and living.

An approach to common sense eating well and taking care of your one and only body that anyone can work with is what Eleanor has to offer.  A health blogger who can offer a take away tip that is practical and useful in a fast paced world is someone we should all be listening to!!

Comments: I think the blog is very well written.  The advice that Eleanor gives is real and for the most part possible to accomplish. She is not gimmicky or didactic. I like when she adds a recipe which I usually find very good.  May I vote 100 more times?

I enthusiastically read every one of Eleanor's blogs when it enters my inbox.  They are always encouraging, always informative, and very often funny.  Her writing is clear and to-the-point.  Reading her blog over time is truly helping me to make positive changes in my eating habits. And I love her recipes!

-Ginny Ramus 

Comments: Eleanor offers a different perspective on food and eating that doesn't get caught up in the craziness of consumer culture. She uses body wisdom not advertisement in promoting healthy eating. Her own personal struggles add to her understanding of food issues and the complexity of everyday food struggles. Her blog gives us a very refreshing way of looking at food, eliminating the constant love/hate relationships with our bodies and the food we are eating. Her perspective has definitely changed my life and has helped me eliminate destructive ways of relating to food and eating. Not to mentioned I used to believe and even pay money for what is today promoted as healthy eating. As a sociey, we should have access to more knowledge offered by this blog so we can slowly reverse some of the conditioned ways we deal with health and food (ways that are destructive to us and profitable to others).
Comments: good information with heart from someone who knows what she is talking about
Comments: Eleanor is smart, funny and inspiring.  Her writing never fails to make me think and, even better, live my life differently.
Congratulations, Eleanor Kohlsaat!
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