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Greensboro, North Carolina
Hi! I'm Thad and I'm the host of RunnerDude's blog ( and owner of RunnerDude's Fitness ( I'm also an ESR (Endurance State Reporter) for and I write for  I'm just a regular guy that loves to... Full Bio
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13 People Voted for RunnerDude for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: He's got great inspirational and informative stuff on his blog everyday!

Excellent, up to date information about running and health with humor!

 Always a great read.


Cool insights and perspectives on what runners deal with when training.

The factor that makes me return to read the blog is the fact that he mixes the facts with his personality so it feels like you're listening to a conversation rather than reading a textbook.


Comments: His enthusiasm and humbleness is infectious.  He is inspiring!

Very active Blog, motivates people by publishing their story, by sharing other people experience from one blog.

A lot of prizes, and he is a cool DUDe

Comments: I look forward to reading Runner Dude's blog.  He researches things and writes about them.  He always comes up with the best topics.
Comments: educational, inspiring stories, fun to read, Dude is a helping guy :)
Comments: Runnerdude's blog should win because of his experience, knowledge and general love of running that is expressed through his writing.  I love getting my email saying he has updated the site. 
Comments: He's unbelievably dedicated to educating people about fitness, he writes like a real person, and he has slowly but surely attracted a huge readership, an online community really.
Comments: First and foremost, Runnerdude's blog is family friendly.  That's very important to me.  The rest is all icing on a very informed cake.  Runnerdude gather's information from reputable sources and from his own experimentation.  He gives very sound advice and is in tune w/all things running.  The "Dude" is always looking for the latest information on a wide variety of subjects to pass along to his readers.  He's involved in a lot of difference social networking sites geared toward running and others used for medical, therapy etc. type sites.  He is truly the man!
Comments: Consistently informative and interesting blog posts.  These are especially helpful for experienced runners - but cover so many other areas (nutrition, general fitness) that everyone should check-out his good work.
Congratulations, RunnerDude!
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