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Frederick L.

New York, New York
I have been practicing infertility at NYU for 17 years. Basic infertility, reproductive surgery, ovulation induction, IVF, and egg donation are all areas of my expertise. Most of my patients are from New York , but people come to see me from other states and other countries. You can read all about me at my website,
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Comments: Informative, factual, inspirational, supportive.
Comments: He gives real advice to real people.  He takes time to answer reader questions, and does so with explanations that we can understand.
Comments: This website has the most easily understsood informative to help people learn about the process, options and results of infertilty in lamans terms. I've learned more from Dr. Licciard'is website than from any other printed material. The information is communicated in such a way that demonstrats the true passion and sincerity that Dr. Licciardi has for his patients.  I truely believe that his blog deserves this award!
Comments: Very informative.
Comments: He is a great man, and has helped many people.
Comments: informative in an easy to understand format
Comments: The blog is extremely informative!!!!!
Comments: Dr. L really cares about people.  His sincerity is obvioues and his comments are very helpful and thoughtful.
Comments: He cares about what he writes. He has his heart in it and is helping so many people.
Comments: Fred has done a great job keeping people informed and answering their questions on IVF - What a resource!
Comments: because he is a very very very good doctor and explains eveything very clearly
Comments: Hi blog helped me to prevent a 3rd consecutive miscarraige. I am now 33.5 weeks into my first successfuly pregnancy!!! 

Dr. L is a fantastic source of information.  Women (and men) who are going through infertility need a source such as this to help them understand and take the next steps.


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