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Frederick L.

New York, New York
I have been practicing infertility at NYU for 17 years. Basic infertility, reproductive surgery, ovulation induction, IVF, and egg donation are all areas of my expertise. Most of my patients are from New York , but people come to see me from other states and other countries. You can read all about me at my website,
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Comments: When dealing with infertility issues, it's overwhelming, and sometimes you have general questions that you want answered by a professional (instead of a lay person).  He has a straightforward way of relaying information that has helped me through a very rough time.
Comments: Great information in layman terms. Nice that a busy doctor would take the time to provide such relevant and accurate information.
Comments: very informative and well written.
Comments: it's a GREAT site with tons of info about many fertility issues!
Comments: Amazing info!  Very helpful!
Comments: valuable information that a laywomen can understand!
Comments: This blog is well-written and very helpful.  He definitely deserves an award!
Comments: Dr. Licciardi is that rare commodity - a thoughtful, caring, hugely competent physician who is motivated and guided by what's right.  Dr. L. has made a difference in the lives of all the many patients he has touched, as well as the world at large by his words.
Comments: He always so informative and helpful!

With so much (mis)information about reproductive medicine out there, it's a great help to have access to the clear and accurate information provided by Dr. Licciardi.  I also appreciate that the posts are not dumbed down yet do not contain incredible amounts of medical jargon.

Comments: accurate info on IVF that is hard to find elsewhere
Comments: He provides a ton of information for those of us experiencing infertility. His blogs are well-written, compassionate, and easy to understand. Thank you, Dr. Licciardi!

Dr. Licciardi is informative without being boring and is diligent 

in responding to questions.  He manages to make a lot of very

complicated medical situations easier to understand and make the 

whole infertility medical process less intimidating.  I often come to

his blog to clarify something I have read about elsewhere that wasn't

explained very clearly.   

Comments: whoop whoop
Comments: It is very informative and brings hope to those who need it the most!
Comments: His information on the subject of infertility is so valuable to help cut through a sea of uncertainty.
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