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Joseph Potocny Patient Expert

Oceanside, California
I was born 11/17/1944, you do the math. I have been diagnosed with AD & FTD. I run my blog to tell what it is like in This World, that I call My World. Hopefully it gives some insights to caregivers and the medical profession as to who and what we really are and what we do know. I tell it as I... Full Bio
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Joe is transparent, honest, and true - we all need to learn from Joe and support research!!!

a daughter-in-law of the AD Thief 

Comments: Joe says it best- we say we understand but we don't know s*** about what someone with AD actually goes through- reading his blog is as close to "understanding" as I can get without becoming cogntively impaired myself
Comments: I think Joe should win this award because he has turned his personal tragedy into an informative and insightful blog for those us affected (not afflicted) with Alzheimer's.

I think that the way he writes about the way Alzheimers is affecting his life is something people should hear.


Because he tells it like it is for him with passion and, usually, some humor.  I admire Mr. Potocny and am glad his blog is there to read.


Colleen McDonald


Because it is my blog and it tells the truth and paints no rosey pictures for the disease of Dementia in any form. I suffer from AD & FTD still able to write, cann't drive, do the check book, remember to pay bills and forget what day it is and even family names frequently now.  Read my blog and see what you think of it. Both here and at the link belows.

Congratulations, Joseph Potocny!
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