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19 People Voted for Charlene Pryor for the PHBA 2009!


Because Charlene is the best friend you could ever wish to meet and a dear kind sweet lady. She can get you the information you need when you need help. I have known her longer than most and she is the genuine article. She has certainly helped me many times over the years.

Comments: She is very encouraging to those of us with chronic diseases.

Charlene aka Pokie is the wind in our sails for us Parkinson’s people.  Her kindness, generosity, and shear tenacity gets people moving, which in our community is no small feat.  I will never forget last Christmas morning getting a call from Pokie. It made my day.  Pokie is about doing for others, and this is in spite of her own pain.

Comments: Imaginative, creative both visually and verbally.  Inspiring and encouraging.  Anyone reading will be encouraged to live their lives to the fullest.  She has a disease that is just plain not nice and describes it without ignoring the difficulties.  But, (and this is a big but) she moves on, does something, looks forward.  We all could use a bit of this woman's spirit!!!!!
Comments: Charlene (Pokie to most of us!) is as real and honest as you get. She has a way of seeing life as a joy, a gift, a lesson. There is always a new and fresh perspective to her writing that I love. Even in the hardest situations she finds a hopeful word to pass on to others.

Charlene should win this award because of who she is and what she represents. She is the voice of so many people, and she does all she can to make her voice heard-she does this because she knows it will help others. And that she does...she makes you feel warm and safe when you are with her and that any problem you may have, you can handle-with courage, just like she does.  When you read her blogs, you know that you are not alone, giving you the strength to keep fighting.  I am honored to know her and be a part of her life.

Comments: Charlene is a great motivator who works tirelessly educating people about Parkinsons and I am blessed to call her my friend.
Comments: She is an amazing person and wonderful representative  for us on PLM.
Comments: pokie lives courageously and share her practical words of wisdom to inspire pwp.
Comments: Charlene (Pokie) Pryor is a tremendous help to individuals suffering from Parkinson's and/or RA.  She has a positive attitude that she passes on to others through her blog and with her comments on PLM.  She is a top notch encourager respected and loved by many.  Hob


 Pokie has put PD as the priority in her life.  ALmost to the point where she was going to be incapacitated totally.  

 From doing her blogs to writing informing articles in different publications to attending conferences and walks, etc. to bringing awareness to PD thru many different venues, this farm girl from Illinois has done what would be considered the impossible. 

Her heart is as big as a corn field and she always has time to chat with other PD patients and help them to be a bit more comfortable w/ having PD or she can talk to a large group of medical personnel  and teach them something  about how it feels to live with PD. 

Pokie singlehandedly planned,  organized,  and held a very successful PD conference in her home town.  She organized it down to talking a friend into opening a restaurant so the attendees would have a closely located place to eat.   

Pokie is definitely "WONDER WOMAN" without the cape.    

Comments: She brings warmth and humor in her words to brighten anybody's day!

Charlene, better known to all her friends as Pokie, is a very inspirational person.  She loves all her friends and is always one of the first to offer any assistance she can give.

Comments: Her blog is full of timely observations about life,family,parkinson's and how it all wraps together and she is a delight.
Congratulations, Charlene Pryor!
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