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I love pregnancy and birth.  I am the mom of 3 boys and a Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula.
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Comments: Great information
Comments: Sheridan does an amazing job of providing information on how birthing can be natural, safe, and comfortable.  She inspired me to use hypnosis for the birth of my son, and I had a challenging but wonderful experience!
Comments: Important topic
Comments: Sheridan's work has helped me feel calm and confident about birth. And when my husband wanted to read more about what hypnosis in childbirth is, I showed him Sheridan's blog and birth story and that helped answer his questions and get him involved in our preparation for labor and delivery.
Comments: Because she is the best blogger there is! And has spent countless hours providing so many women out there information so that women everywhere can be empowered!
Comments: Current, smart, helpful and filled with joy-this blog is fantastic!!!!:)
Comments: Informative & innovative
Comments: Sheridan's passion is educating and empowering women to have the birth THEY want, whatever that type of birth may be. Her blog is a fount of fantastic information on everything from hospital policy to--her other passion--using self-hypnosis for birth. I don't read many blogs every day, but this is one that I do. 
Comments: Enjoy Birth educates women about thier options for child birth and gives women power to make thier own decisions regarding thier body.  Love this blog!
Comments: She has done more for normalizing birth and supporting women online than anyone I've met/seen.  She is an amazing resource and I wouldn't be who I am without her and her work!
Comments: Sheridan should win because she is real, she is honest and she is funny! All this comes through in her writing. Best of all she is my friend and was my doula and hypnobabies instructor for my last child. She is the best!

Enjoy Birth! is one of my favorite blogs because Sheridan writes the TRUTH from her HEART.  Her writing is fun, funny, and evidence based. This blog is on the very important subject of birth. Birth is how I got here, it's how you got here.  It's a day in a woman's life she will never forget.  It matters.  It matters to babies how they are born.  Birth is not as much a medical event as it is a spiritual, emotional, psychological event. Many health professionals do not know how the beginning of our lives impact the rest of our life!  In other words, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum have a huge impact on our families, communities, nation and world.  Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum issues (or non-issues) have a huge impact on health care costs, mental illness, mental soundness, and the future of our planet! It's important for women to know their options and that is what Sheridan gifts the world with, love, options, and information.

The Enjoy Birth blog page is easy to navigate.  It has a wealth of good resources!  I like that Sheridan has a link to her Twitter updates.  I have shared many of the Enjoy Birth blogs on my facebook page and my own blog.  That is why I vote for Sheridan Ripley as my Favorite Health Bogger!

Comments: This is a great website for anyone interested in learning about natural childbirth!  Not only is it fun, it's also very informative!!
Comments: She is on top of all the latest in EVERYTHING. You'll learn alot - a whole lot.
Comments: Sheridan's blog is fantastic for an expecting mom and has so much incredible information for famillies - I can't imagine the last 9 months without it!
Comments: Great birth information!
Congratulations, Sheridan Ripley!
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