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Carol D. O’Dell’s world changed the day she was adopted. Taken from Daytona Beach to Atlanta and raised by adoring parents of a fiery faith, Carol was steeped in Bible stories and bedtime stories. She is drawn to the Southern, the reverent and irreverent found in art, nature, faith,... Full Bio
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6 People Voted for Carol O'Dell for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: She is honest, informative knowledgeable, humorous, human and an incredible ability to write in a way we all understand.  
Comments: Carol is a leading expert on elder care and Alzheimers and she devotes so much of her time and energy into educating others, especially people who are caring for their parents. She is such an asset to the health community and has given of herself tirelessly.

Simply, because she is spectacular.

 'Nuff said?

Comments: This has really helped me through this heard time!
Comments: This blog offers insiteful messages with a quirky and down to earth twist and for something like caregiving the humor really helps me.

Carol has real empathy for her audience. I read every post of hers now and follow her on Twitter   @CarolDOdell   

Her book, Mothering Mother is really a wonderful addition to the bookshelf of any middle aged person with aging parents. 

She gets my vote.  

Congratulations, Carol O'Dell!
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