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Angela M. Fals, MD, FAAP Medical Doctor

Specialty: Family Medicine
Coral Gables, Florida
The 'my training zone' blog is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for children and adolescents and to providing parents with reliable information to prevent obesity and its medical, social, and psychological complications. We inform you of any interesting and relevant new information from... Full Bio
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26 People Voted for Angela M. Fals, MD, FAAP for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Timely, on point, literate!
Comments: Very sweet physician !
Comments: This site has been very informative, and helpful.  Having obesity in my family, I have been able to cook and help my family create good eating habits.  I fell this site should win the award.
Comments: She has a great scientific foundation and a level  headed presentation of great emerging data, and clearly has a passion for improving children's health outlook.

David Ahn, MD, FAAP
Comments: Since my work is with children and adolescents it's always great to have a place where parents can seek practical helps. That place is Dr. Fals website. Sergio Torres
Comments: She is a great pediatrician and we love her!!! 

I think that Angela M. Fals, MD, FAAP, MD should win the award because her blogs are the best! Her creative writing style is both informative and useful. She has a lot of experience and passion in this field which would benefit children, adolescents and the whole family.