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Abby White is a mother of two and dedicated epicure, whose interest in health and fitness led her to seek out a balance between self-indulgence and austerity. She is certified as both an Eating Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer. Abby received her Personal Trainer Certification from the Cooper... Full Bio
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18 People Voted for Abby White for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Abby is a positive influence for women (and men). She has a healthy relationship with food and believes in moderation and exercise. She understands what it is like to struggle with weight gain and weight loss and she shares her stories and struggles with honesty. She also gives people who cannot afford to see a nutritionist some sample healthy eating plans and shares nutritious food finds. Thank you Abby, I'm so glad that I found you site!
Comments: Great recipes with pictures, shares both great and difficult times.
Comments: Abby has a wonderful spirit about her that comes through in her writing. She also shares the best recipes!
Comments: great recipes and ideas for better eating...
Comments: Abby has the most interesting articles that are practical for everyday use!  Thanks Abby for all of your great ideas!
Comments: A model for healthy living!
Comments: She lives what she espouses
Comments: Because she is my Mom and her food is awesome.  I love you.  Emmet
Comments: Abby is awesome!
Comments: There is always something interesting in Abby's blog and in her kitchen when we visit. It is always very good and healthy.
Comments: I love her photos and her quirky stories about her kids!
Comments: I entertain often for my husband's work. I want more ideas for delicious food that presents well and that my guests love.  When I share how good it is for them, they are doubly impressed. It can be done and Abby's shared some great recipes!
Comments: Abby's blog is AMAZING!  I love it!!!!!!!!
Comments: I  love how Abby writes with joy about everything she enjoys and shares it with us.  I love her photos and recipe ideas.
Comments: She consistently offers new and healthy angles on realistic and tasty food options. Plus, she rocks!
Congratulations, Abby White!
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