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Seattle, Washington
My name is Linea. I live in Seattle, WA. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just about five years ago and have been working to keep myself healthy and spread awareness for those that can't do so themselves. I have written a book with my mom on the subject and it will be published in 2012 by... Full Bio
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44 People Voted for Linea for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: putting quips aside, linea uses this tool in a marvelous way which is sharing her experiences in an attempt to make peoples lives better...
Comments: Because Linea Johnson is one of the most sincere, honest, sweet women this planet has been blessed with while on this earth.   To those of us that know her, she's a blessing-to the ones who don't, she is helping all of us to be better  people including you.
Comments: she's amazingly insightful.
Comments: There is no greater struggle than that which is real to you, but invisible to the world, misunderstood by most; yet has no pharmaceutical cure (only short term symptom relief).  Indeed, to understand (as does Linea) that living life is not as important as loving life.  She is the poster child for living successfully and productively with the demons that none of us can imagine.
Comments: Linea is one of the most inspirational women I know. She has been through one of the most difficult periods in a person's life, but she is living proof that one must not give up when life overtakes your world. Her writing is beautiful. Her writing is honest. Her writing has helped me to recognize my own personal feelings of anxiety and how to deal with internal struggles instead of letting them consume. I am voting for Linea because through her openness about her difficult period in life, she is helping so many people. Many would not have the courage to reveal everything, but she does and through her ability to speak about her past, she is saving lives and minds of the future. Linea--You are an inspiration! 

Hey Linea,

I just read your blog and it's beautiful. Thanks for posting 

Sophie Meredith

Comments: She is brilliant, brave and opening up her world to help other people with mental illness, or just other people in general, live a better life. 
Comments: Linea is speaking out about mental illness and sharing her story. She has changed so many peoples' perceptions of mental health conditions. Recovery! Stability! Thank you Linea!
Comments: Linea has an amazing way of writing about what she's been through in a thoughtfu, meaningful, intelligent manner. Her main goal is to talk about her experiencies to let other people know they are not alone - she is truly inspirational and one of the strongest people I know!
Comments: Because she's so strong and has never given up.  It's not just about her well being, she's reaching out to many to try and help them.
Comments: Linea spoke to my graduate class about her struggles and successes with Bipolar Disorder. She was brave, confident, insightful, and articulate - an inspiration to those of us who have personal and professional experience with mental health issues. I hope many more individuals, families, and professionals continue to learn from her experiences and have an opportunity to read her new book coming out soon! She truly deserves this award!
Comments: Linea is not only a great writer but also has a lot of courage in sharing information about her experiences. I admire her strength and efforts to use such a scary situation to try and help others.
Comments: Linea is courageous! I have had the honor of listening to Linea speak about being a young woman living with bipolar disorder on two different occassions. Her openess to share about her journey and her desire to find ways to support others faced with similar challenges is truly worthy of recognition. She is hope!
Comments: I have had the honor of being part of a workshop where Linea shared her story so openly and courageously and I saw the power of truth around Mental Illness instead of the attitude ignorance, hiding and shame that our culture has supported. What could be more valuable that a beautiful, talented and honest young woman owning and sharing something that she can only manage but not cure.  
Comments: She has made it through the depths of depression and manic episodes, continues to monitor herself while having incredible insight and ability to reflect.  She not only honestly documents her struggles, but shares information that is helpful to other that struggle with mental health - parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, etc...  Linea publicy owns her mental health no matter where she is in her own journey - she gives hope to others - this is why I vote for Linea.
Congratulations, Linea!
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