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agapelife Registered Nurse

Ottawa, Canada
RN BScN, with too many years of experience. Worked in various areas of nursing including Med-Surg, OBS/GYNE,Geriatrics, Mental Health, Occupational Health and Community Health in Canada. Nursing teacher, supervisor, nurse advisor and assessor to Veterans Affairs Can. and staff nurse. Pain... Full Bio
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I would like people to know why I think she would win the award.

Back in the beginning of the year, I was shocked when I came from my Mammogram appointment, the Xray technician did a double take (Xray) on my left breast this was my second mammogram of my life and you know how painful those things are, so I asked her why? and she answered "Oh the first one is very light so I have to redo it" so that is that, after a week or so my doctor called me and told me that I have a lump on my breast and there is some sort of a procedure  that has to be done, so she got me an appointment for an ultrasound maybe after another week or so, to make my story short, after the appointment of course they found different pieces of lumps all over my left breast and they need a sample of what's in there.  This is the time that I got Petronella's help, I called her because I know she has been through this kind of dilema before so she checked me up and let me do some special excercises before and after my biopsy, so when I got the result of my biopsy it seems that they were able to get all of those little pieces of lump and after a few more tests I was cleared of Breast Cancer.

I know that Petronella's special skills helped me with my new life and I am really thankful to her and how God allowed her to help me beat Breast Cancer.

So this is the reason why I would recommend her and her procedures to all my friends, coworkers and anyone who needs help. Great job Petronella.  

Comments: It is a fantastic site with lots of helpful timely information on holistic care of the self.
Comments: Petronella performed her therapy on me two years ago around this very period. I was scheduled to have a wonderful Saturday but my plans were hindered when I was taken ill with the most insufferable of headaches. With the aid of her therapy and complete faith in her abilities, I manage to recover in a matter of a few hours and went on to enjoy the rest of that weekend! I really feel that you deserve to win.

I have never really known too much about alternative health, nor have I really believed in it.  Since reading the blog by agapelife titled Empower-You I have gained a greater appreciation for alternative health.  Her posts discuss topics that are new and exciting.  I have had the opportunity to learn about different methods that allow me to lead a healthy life.  Not only have I benefited from the posts themselves but some of the comments left also provide useful information that allows me to be healthy on an physcial and emotional level.  The fact that this is a free site is absolutely incrdible.  The information provided should be for a small fee, however, it appears that the only benefit agapelife gets from providing this innovative material is the knowledge that she is helping other people.

I strongly recommend agapelife as not only my favorite health blogger but my favorite blogger, period.  This is the only blog that I have read that has changed my life for the better.  Please consider agapelife for a health blogger award.



Congratulations, agapelife!
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