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128 People Voted for Mike Reinold for the PHBA 2009!


I trust his input since he is not only tops in his field but is someone who is doing the research to support his work. After taking a web couse with him I can say he does not come across as a know-it-all and is also not "preachy." He values everyone's opinion and seems to enjoy the feedback which in turn makes him even better qualified. He is clearly up to date on the research being done and references these aerticles frequently. As a busy clinician I value this input as I don't have the time to do article/research searchs as much as I'd like.

Comments: Mike provides good info. on a variety of topics in the rehab area. 
Comments: advanced information that is very useful presented in a way that is accessible and helpful to the average reader.  comes from his hands-on experience at the highest levels
Comments: Excellent evidence based resource for clincians with large amount of content.
Mike has a very busy job with the Red Sox and still makes time to blog regularly on very informative and up to date research and topics in the physical therapy/rehab world!
Comments: Mike has tremendous energy and is tireless in his pursuit of evidence based best practices.  He does and excellent job at sharing that knowlege base with his peers.   His site is not dogmatic and a place of sharing and interaction.
Comments: Mike is consistently offering useful and applicable information in the world of sports medicine, rehabilitation, and all things fitness. Information is concise, unbiased, and he offers a vast range of interesting topics. 
Comments: Mike is a great professional who thinks that is just as important to give back to others through his blog. He delivers fantastic information so that professionals can improve their craft. Mike is a great ambassador of the Sports Medicine profession and he is also an ambassador for all rehabilitation and fitness professionals. Mike's blog is outstanding and he is very deserving of recognition applauding his professional efforts.
Comments: Practical information that I can turn around and use IMMEDIATELY in my practice setting!
Comments: He is extremely informative with great research based information that I can apply to my daily practice.
Comments: Lots of great, free content, all coming from a very knowledgable, credible source.
Comments: Reinold is the greatest.  He provides the most up to date information for ATCs, PTs, and strength and conditioning professionals.   He is the most comprehensive blogger and medical professional.  I like that he is inclusive of all disiplines!!!! We could use more people working together in all the fields

He provides health care information that is relevant, valid, and immediately applicable.  His commentary is concise and accurate, with a hint of humor.  I don't subscribe to any other blog.

Congratulations, Mike Reinold!
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