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128 People Voted for Mike Reinold for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: So much of the current reserach pertinent to the expansion of the field especially in regards to shoulder and knee examination, diagnosis, and treatment are found on this site, much of which is contributed by Mike himself. His site, in my own opinion, is an unbelievable avenue for all therapists to grow and be able to interact w/ one another in regards to endless topics. Best site by far out there for physical therapists or anyone involved in musculoskeletal related fields!
Comments: He is excellent. He gives out a ton of amazing info from many different disciplines


 Absolutely "YES" Mike should win this contest and he has my vote!

 This website is amazing!

  I am studying to become a Physical Therapist Assistant on my last internship and will graduate this December :}   After reading Mikes bloggs I have a better understanding of the "biomechanics and kinesiology" that lie underneath each pathology presented in the clinic.   By reading Mike's bloggs combined with the clinical experience has made a significant increase in my ability to understand the lecture material.  Because of Mike's bloggs I am now able to explain the "Why's and How's" to my patients with confidence.  Mike is a wealth of knowledge and has the courtesy of sharing his inteligence with us all, for that I am grateful.

 I am a HUGE FAN of Mike's bloggs!

Jennie A. Reese, SPTA


Comments: This blog helps physical therapist attain a higher level of knowledge and understanding.  Through this blog practitioners will better be able to care for the health of their patients.  Great blog!  Mike always responds to every question and is extremely helpful.
Comments: very informative material and versatile information
Comments: He is has been a great resourse online to assist with my professional growth as a PT.

Fantastic Content!

Comments: Very informative, up to date, useful info!
Comments: Top notch evidence based information.
Comments: MIke supports patient information on exercise programs, equipment, and the most up to date seminars, web casts and musculoskeletal issues on the web
Comments: Mike gives great up to date/ evidence based information that we can use immediately in a clinincal setting.
Comments: Mike provides valuable and pertinent clinical information to help me stay abreast with current evidence-based and best practice standards. I appreciate all the he does
Congratulations, Mike Reinold!
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