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128 People Voted for Mike Reinold for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Loads of really useful information posted - thank you!
Comments: Mike Reinolds provides great information that has help me get my shoulders health. Thank you Mike.
Comments:  Mike presents amazing contents on physical therapy treATMENTS. Very informative and evidence based
Comments: He has his finger on the pulse of Physical Therapy and always feeds his subscribers with the most up to date research on evaluation and treatment strategies for sports medicine injuries and prevention.
Comments: Unparalleled information, consistently, from one of the greatest minds in human performance.
Comments: As a student PT, Mike is someone I would like to emulate. His blog contains a diversity of material and is essential for any future or practicing physical therapist. I would recommend his site to any health professional as the majority of material can apply to multiple health professions.

tons of free and relaible information.



Comments: Have you visited his website?  Incredible.  Integrates various social networking applications, RSS feeds, stays up to date with current evidence based practice, offers webinars, links to Google Reader, active forums...a plethora of information.  An ESSENTIAL favorite place for physical therapists, PT students, PTA's, athletic trainers, and related fields.
Comments: Great articles with current topics related to rehab. I look forward to his emails! They are very informative including evidence based practice techniques. Great blogs! He definitely should win!!
Comments: Great information, with a strong sense of realism/real-world application based on sound research.  What more could you ask for?
Comments: Mike is extrememly dedicated to the profession.  He is constantly working not only to make himself better, but to make every PT in practice better.  He does a tremendous amount of work in gathering, reveiwing and sifting through information to pass along the most current and relevant information.  He not only finds and post important material, but also comments, teaches and helps to put it into a context that makes in relevant and useful.  Mike is also very accesible and approachable and is genuinely interested in the opinions and thoughts of his colleagues.  He always demonstrates a mutula respect for those who contribute to discussions.  Simply put, he goes the extra mile.  All this while maintainig his clinical practice and teaching schedule.  We are fortunate in PT to have him as
Comments: Evidence based, easy to follow, regularly updates, uses humor well, gives props to other bloggers, alot of relevant information
Congratulations, Mike Reinold!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009
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