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128 People Voted for Mike Reinold for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: He is very knowledgeable and provides a great resource for PT's.
Comments: Excellent information and protocols.  Best on the internet.

Awesome Blog.  Mike does a great job discussing a broad range of orthopedic physical therapy issues in a well thought and clearly articulated style.  He combines his extensive clinical experience along with the most relevant evidence to support his views. I always look foward to a new post each week.

 Thanks Mike,

 David Gold, DPT

Comments: Great, user friendly site.
Comments: Great website.  Lots of great content and frequent update.  Helps readers stay on the cutting edge of all of the latest techniques and research.
Comments: His content is absolutely amazing when it comes to athletic physical therapy. I thoroughly enjoy his content and its applicability.
Comments: excellent resource for rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions.  updates are great

1)  Always provides relevant information

2) Keeps the reader engaged with relevant videos and occasional humor

3) Appeals to a wide variety of health professionals

4) Provides information regarding the most current research in our profession.


Highly informative blogs, with some funny stuffs! It's like studying. If you just try to focus too much on reading forcing yourself to take in too much information, it might cause more damage to you. The funny stuffs that Mike includes on his site is like a short break from reading which is refreshing to the mind and  makes me want to continue reading later on. 

Comments: He gives great, practical information.
Comments: Mike presents his blog with an enthusiasm for his profession and sharing of his knowledge with his peers.  He is a leader in evidence based research and continues to be open to others input.  He give thoughtful response to all questions asked and his efforts as an educator, practioner, and researcher for the advancement of our field are tireless.  
Comments: Mike has shown helpful tips and shared his opinions with fellow clinicians
Comments: very informative and practical.  Also, evidence based
Congratulations, Mike Reinold!
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