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My name is laura Im from the united kingdom i have suffered from profound deafness since i was 8 years old and i had a cochlear implant at 9 yrs old  i also have a condition called Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions which means my energy genes dont work and i found out that it... Full Bio
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5 People Voted for groovychik007 for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Her blog is great and informative.
Comments: She inspires me in my medical journey
Comments: Laura, is very deserving of this award!  She has conquered many battles and surgeries even come close to death a few times.  She has proven to be a survivor and spends her time helping others such as volunteering as an assistant at her local middle school.  I admire her for her positive attitude and willingness to share her life with others.  She is an inspiration to all of those grateful to having the priviledge to know her like myself. I hope she gets this much deserved award!!
Comments: Because Laura knows what Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions is all about.

she should win because she is an inspiration to all who meet her and she is a wonderful support to others :) sometimes there is just nothing better than a kind word and she has those to offer each time she visits other blogs!


Congratulations, groovychik007!
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