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Rosy G. Healthy Living Professional

Ottawa, Canada
Once my transformation project back in 2007/2008 was completed (which was to lose 150 lbs all naturally in only 12 months) I am now trying to find myself and to maintain balance in my life. Maintanance probably is even a even harder phase than losing the weight its something i have... Full Bio
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15 People Voted for Rosy G. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: I think that Rosy did an amazing job, you can almost feel every frustrations and emotions, when you read her blog.  I think that she has inspired a lot of women.  Keep it up rosy G.!
Comments: Because if Rosy wins, we all win! And so should it be :-)

I have followed Rosy since about March 2008 when I discovered her in the Ottawa Sun. And since then she has been an inspiration to me, and to many others I'm sure! I have since then had the opportunity to meet her in September, but unfortunately, was unable to participate in her final journey! I'm on one myself. And have since that weigh in lost 25 lbs. and continuing! Reading about her positive energy, has kept me motivated, always thinking that, if she can do that. I only wanted to lose 60 pounds, she lost 150lbs. I can do this! I'm almost halfway there. Rosy is the best candidate for an award of this sort! When your having a bad day, read her bloggs, she change your thoughts back on track, to the positive thinking!! Thank you Rosy! Looking Forward to seeing you again in January!35lbs lighter then when we first met!!



This story is very insparational, and has helped me get back into my active routine..  and back into my active schedule! 

Simply WOW!!!   She deserves it!  Awesome work!


Comments: She is an inspiration to all the overweight people in the world... (she shows us it can be done, no surgery, no tricks, just hard work) ..Victoria Lewis
Comments: She has been an inspiration to me for the past year. Thanks to her, I have started my own HUGE journey, and am down 40+ pounds. Every time I need some motivation or just a "can do" attitude, I re-read part of her blog. She is honest and very sincere, and has grown tremendously a person, while shrinking the outer layer that was hiding her heart.
Comments: She's beyond inspirational and her transformation has started so many others on there own journeys and blogs (myself included!!).
Comments: Rosy's an inspiration, not only to folks wanting to lose weight, but to anyone who needs to believe in themselves again.

It takes extreme courage and dedication to stick through an entire weight loss transformation program, while having to deal with three kids, a husband, work, friends and life. She is a true inspiration to us all. Her new book Breakin' Free coming out in January 2009 will surely inspire many many people. You can pre-order the book at her blog


Robert Lagana, NASM - CPT

Comments: She is AWESOME!  She is real!!

I think Rosie is worthy of this award because she made her own dream a reality and in doing so has inspired so many people to get healthy. She took something so personal and put it on display for everyone to see and that in itself deserves an award!

Even if she doesn't "win" she is still a Winner. Thanks for all that you have done to inspire me Rosie. We don't know each other on a personal level but we certainly do in spirit.


Good morning,

In my opinion Rosy is the biggest winner of all !!!! What she has accomplished in this past year is nothing short than a miracle. She has been an inspiration to sooooooo many people, in accomplishing her goal. When Rosy started this changelled a year ago, I also wanted to walk in her shoes because my own challenge was a photocopy of hers, but the result was not the same ...she succeed as I stayed the same !!!! Rosy deserves every honor that's out there, for her strenght, her perseverance, her tenacity, her persistance, her commitment, her courageousness and in one word, to have hung in there till the end no matter what kind of day she was having, Rosy kept on going. BRAVO to Rosy !!!!!!


Congratulations, Rosy G.!
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