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Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial fibrillation patient, she lived in fear and knows what it’s like to suffer with afib. You can read her story at Following her atrial fibrillation surgery... Full Bio
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Comments: Because she deserves it.
Comments: Mellanie has such wonderful information.  Her information is always very through and acurate.
Comments: Many people suffer from Afib, including me, and she helps us help ourselves - I don't believe drs are there for you - they mainly want to do ablations which earn them tons of money - not help in other ways

Her use of technology and ability to target relevant information is extraordinary.  The information is timely, informative, and delivered in a creative, non obtrusive way.


Comments: She has an amazing determination that shows in her time commitment and research towards empowering those of us afflicted with atrial fibrillation.  This blog helps us KNOW we are not alone and it also guides us towards new advances and options we may not have access to otherwise.  
Comments: great work, nice smile
Comments: I have recently been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and was told of Mellanie's blog and website.  It has helped to educate me about  Afib with clearer information than other health sites.  Her links, especially to a video of someone having a heart ablation proceedure helped me feel more confident in choosing to have a similar proceedure.   Since there are frequent updates on the blog, I feel I am kept up to date on all the latest information.  Reading about other persons experiences has also been reassuring.
Comments: good information coming on the site.
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