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Mellanie H. Patient Expert

Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial fibrillation patient, she lived in fear and knows what it’s like to suffer with afib. You can read her story at Following her atrial fibrillation surgery... Full Bio
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141 People Voted for Mellanie H. for the PHBA 2008!


As an A-Fib patient, I rely on Mellanie and her organization for the latest A-Fib news. Mellanie is extremely active and attends events that I could not think of attending.

The information she provides is not only helpful but also timely.

 Mellanie gets my vote.

 Kevin Keller

Comments: Knows her subject. Passionate about helping others with A-Fib.
Comments: Mellanie True Hills has taught me more about my A-Fib than my cardialogist.  To the new patient with this disease her articles and knowledge of A-Fib is a very comforting and necessary websight.  Please give her my vote and thanks.
Comments: She is bringing important information and connection to those of us who have AF and receive little support through our health care system.


It takes time, research, commitment,dedication, and concern for others to keep this kind of blog to continue. Melanie H has all these attributes.


I think Mellanie should win the award because she is knowledgeable,

experienced with her own afib, dedicated and very hard working. She

 really cares and people like her are hard to find.

Comments: Mellanie's passion for raising awareness about afib and the options available to afib patients is inspiring!
Comments: She is very knowledgable in this field and passionate about helping people.
Comments: Great resource
Congratulations, Mellanie H.!
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