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Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial fibrillation patient, she lived in fear and knows what it’s like to suffer with afib. You can read her story at Following her atrial fibrillation surgery... Full Bio
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  I have lived with afib for 5 years. Mellanie's website has helped to educate,

 inform, and give me hope for the future!!

Comments: Mellanie is dedicated to informing women of the risks and signs of heart disease.  She communicates this information effectively and in an interesting way so that the women get the message loud and clear.  She is tireless in her efforts.  What's more, she walks the walk!  After suffering from heart disease, she modified her lifestyle to improve her heart health - lost a few pounds, adopted a healthy diet, and went on the book writing and speaking circuit to educate other women of her experience!
Comments: Because she is doing a service by her work with informing people about atrial fibrillation and keeping them informed about developments in methods of treating AFib.
Comments: Its a great information resource for people with A-fib.    Here reports on the various seminars/health fairs that she attends around the country always brings new information in the treatment and correction of this condition.
Comments: She is raising awareness about afib and also personally helping people who have afib.
Comments:   Since I was diagnosed with A-Fib, I have learned more from Melanie's site than I have from my own doctors.  Her site also helped me resolve the angst I had about Coumadin.  Thanks for everything.  Eileen S. Smith
Comments: She provides comprehensive and excellent information on all aspects of afib.
Comments: Mellanie has been extremely helpful and willing to follow up and answer questions, and or give directions to find answers.

Mellanie's info is great....current, thorough, and easy to access.

She's the best!



She is actively making the world aware of Atrial Fibrillation.  She is a great spokeswoman for those of us who are suffering from afib.  She has also been instrumental in getting updates in new procedures and advances in this field.

Comments: This is a great site that helps me deal with my symptoms after the doctors great care ends.  Only folks who live with this truly understand.  Thanks for your generosity.
Comments: It is very concise timely and informative.
Congratulations, Mellanie H.!
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