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Anderson, South Carolina
Hi, I am a mom with two toddlers living with a recently diagnosed autoimmune disease called Sjogren's Syndrome. This is causing my kidneys to fail and I am currently in the process of looking for a live donor to give me the gift of life through transplant. I write about my experiences as a mom... Full Bio
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3 People Voted for Vicky .. for the PHBA 2008!


Because little known diseases should be given more recognition.


Like Vicky says: I would never have gone to see Celide Dion, but I got the tickets for free.


Same with her blog: I would never have gone there if it wasn't for being on wellsphere.


Imagine how many more people she can reach out to when she wins the award?

Comments: She is a strong person who commits herself to her family despite everything she faces.
Congratulations, Vicky ..!
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