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Debbie Registered Nurse

Phoenix, Arizona
I worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist for more than 20 years. I have a passion to share how the choices we make each day determines what our tomorrows will become. Adopting a more healthy lifestyle can prevent so many cardiac problems. I had open heart surgery as a child to correct a... Full Bio
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Comments: She is a great example of a healthy woman and the posts on her blog are very educational and informative.

Debbie is a thorougbread.

She lives as she speaks and cares for both body & soul.

She also  has this genuin consern for people, and handles each individual with respect; rich or poor, old or young are of equal value.

She has a solid special knowledge foundation, but can also communicate well with ordinary people.

She's a skilled writer, and covers a broad aspect of medical fields.

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Debbie is a star, a cardiovascular nurse with a special heart!
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Congratulations, Debbie!
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