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In between talking way too much about my cat (Milo, for those of you who are pretending you don't know) and taking computer games far too seriously I work for a little production company in Soho and also spend a great deal of time looking after my temperamental kidneys. 4 years down the line with... Full Bio
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Comments: An incredibly moving, yet light hearted blog. It had me in tears!

Fantastic photography

very well written and compelling account of an amazing story

Comments: Fantastic, warts and all, account of life on dialysis and a kidney transplant.  Should be recommended reading for all potential living donors and recipients.

I had helped voluntarily for 4 years to raise funds for our National Kidney Foundation. I felt great pain and sadness for kidney failure patients who had to go through dialysis to keep themselves alive.  Thank you so much for everything you had done in your blog.

God bless you always.

Comments: Holly's blog is passionate, heartfelt and humbling, the pictures are fantastic and wants new organs for everyone who needs them, not just herself.
Comments: Great blog... well written, informative, moving and inspiring.
Comments: This blog reminds us of how much we take for granted to the extent that we just don't even think about it; yet so people less fortunate that ourselves these things may be quite unattainable.  The act of donating a kidney has given back some of these precious abilities that are so much part of life.  A humbling and thought provoking piece.
Comments: She is a fantastic writer and does a great job of raising awareness of the importance of organ donation.
Comments: I feel she wrote from the heart - or the kidney :) she's been through alot but doesn't complain about it just wanted to do something about it and help others in her situation!

Because Golightly shows how imprtant the little things in life are.


Quality of life can just boil down to being able to run up the stairs...

Congratulations, golightly!
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