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Amy M. Patient Expert

San Francisco, California
I'm a wife and WAHM of 3 young 'uns. I've realized through the years that I am my best self, best... Full Bio
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9 People Voted for Amy M. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: she is a very positive and knowledge blogger! who keeps her readers motivated and coming back for sound advice!
Comments: She's amazing! And really dedicated to living a healthy life.

Because she says:


Your thoughts become your actions;
your actions define who you are.  
And I see/say:


What you see in your mind, you will hold in your hands!

Comments: Amy knows her stuff. With her help and advice, I lost 15 lbs last year.  I love that I can come to her with any question.
Comments: Amy is awesome. She always gives great advice and has a gift for motivating others to live healthier too.
Comments: I love how she addresses both emotional and spiritual wellness along with physical.
Comments: Amy is very personal, has great ideas, and is very enthusiastic about life, health, fitness, and family life!!!  She keeps me motivated in all aspects of my life!

Amy is a mother of three and leads a healthy life of eating well and exercising often.  Her blog is inspiration for all, as she encourages healthy competition with bloggers and provides easy, effective work-outs.  She updates her blog often and should win!!

Congratulations, Amy M.!
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