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See Kim W.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Father passed away with secondary liver cancer.   We dedicate our blog to keep father's positive energy available for all in need of support.   Join our team where we will do the same:   sharing our cancer stories so you know you are not alone walking the difficult road paved with cancer.    
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Comments: Because it shows clearly that cancer is everywhere.

This blog site gives information about metastatic liver cancer, allows people to ask questions, learn about treatmetns and how to care for a loved one with cancer.  I agree that sharing ones' experience does empower peopl.



Comments: Because the smiling snowman explains palliative care perfectly.

This site is very informative regarding cancer.  A much needed alternative health site! 


See Kim is a powerhouse from the outside.

Comments: See Kim carries the spirit of her late father to help others winning the fight against secondary liver cancer.
Comments: Because she is looking where others aren't to find a way to treat cancer or even better: to prevent getting it al together.

The more people that want to share their cancer stories...


will help more people to cope caring for cancer!

Comments: For much needed hope for better things to come.
Comments: Because she uses gut and common sense.

See Kim works hard to make a self help group around cancer.


It should be the task of health care in stead of See Kim to CARE for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Comments: Because food alone can't keep you healthy, thanks Kim for pointing that out.
Comments: See Kim W.! understands that sharing is caring.

Thanks for making a positive blog out of a sad disease!
Comments: Hug award.

She should win the award because cancer still needs much more awareness than it is getting today.

 Her blog is only small, her info is huge and finding more people to share their experience  could use an extra boost from Wellsphere.

Comments: Gathering stories is a great start to get an idea of what is happening from the patients point of view.
Comments: Because her topic is quite more needed to be solved than mine.
Comments: For she treats a delicate subject in a meaningful matter.
Comments: Too little a blog for too big a cause.
Congratulations, See Kim W.!
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