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Plymouth, Michigan
Leader of the greatest interactive marketing team by day, certified "Fitness Nerd" by night. I run a popular fitness blog -- -- that focuses on nutrition, exercise, healthy eating and the benefits of weight and resistance training. My editorial policy is pretty... Full Bio
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Matt provides comprehensive articles that give the pro and cons on all types of things that can be hard to get reliable information on (ex: the value of supplements, weight training controversies)

 I also really appreciate that he talks about how much various options cost.  I'm on a budget, and he often includes cheaper alternatives, advice on what not to waste you money on, etc.)


Matt's blog offers refreshing insights into the many facets of fitness by going beyond the meat-and-potatoes of personal health. More than diet and exercise, I'm encouraged by the lifestyle and "mindful" insights. And most importantly, something in his posts has managed to trigger some long forgotten motivation to drag myself off the couch and do more than THINK about being healthy. (And that's a feat in itself!)

I'm looking forward to watching this blog grow and see what more Matt has to offer his readers.

Comments: Matt puts in extra time outside of his regular day activities. He puts everything into his blog with the purpose of helping others and pushing them to succeed the health and fitness goals they desire to reach. His articles are always very easy to read, and crammed full of useful information! He deserves this award!
Congratulations, Matt C.!
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