Health knowledge made personal

Jacqueline Jones

Jackson, Tennessee
I'm a health advocate, author, and speaker. My passion is teaching you how personal choices and public policies can reduce health care costs and other expenses for people, businesses, and governments.
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12 People Voted for Jacqueline Jones for the PHBA 2008!


Jacquie Jones suffered for years from undiagnosed celiac disease.  As a result of the disease being left untreated, additional physical complications developed.  But she never gave up hope of finding a cause and treatment for her ailments.

In her quest for a diagnosis, she learned the hard way how to navigate the maze of the medical community and to fight for her rights with health insurance companies. 

Instead of getting bitter for her years of suffering, Jacquie became determined to share her knowledge so that others will be better prepared to understand and tackle the intricacies of working with doctors, getting tests and procedures covered by insurance, and fighting for your rights as a patient.  She is an excellent writer and did an outstanding job in her book, "Unmasking A Diagnosis" of explaining things in layman's terms so everyone can follow well-defined steps to obtain the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Jacquie Jones has given her time and efforts helping the celiac community and fighting for the rights of patients.  She has my vote!

Connie Sarros



Ms. Jones is the real deal, she walks her talk.

Comments:  She is a very out going young woman and things I have read from her has help me a lot. She knows how give with honesty. She will give her best.
Comments: She is very concerned about health and the well being of others. She advocates for health issues and healthy lifesyles.
Comments: Jacquie is very active in support groups and other related issues. 
Comments: Jacqueline has devoted her entire being to educating the general public about personal Health, Thanks and God Bless You.....
Comments: Because I totally support Jacqueline that a green environment will makes us all healthy again.