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71 People Voted for Doug K. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Accurate, informative, practical information for atheletes that are novices to professionals
Comments: Very informative  and enjoyable

Incredibly gifted, 'scientist', storyteller and pioneer.

The most amazing thing about Doug is his ability to take current medical literature and apply it to his patients in a pragmatic, successful way.


Comments: Gives me things to think about everyday.  Life's little lessons, exercise techniques, new ways to tackle old problems, etc.  He is also willing to share his own fears and pain.  He makes you realize that nothing comes easy, but with perserverance things will get better.
Comments: Consistent, insightful explanation of health problems with recommendations on how one can find relief or remedy a problem
Comments: He provides consistent updates and well-phrased advice that is simple to understand. I feel like I learn something everytime I read one of his posts. He also writes very well!
Comments: Very knowlegable and interesting.  I love reading the stories of real struggle and success.  I know that I'm not alone sometimes with injury, frustration and emotional healing.  Also, I love to learn about the drills he does, rationale behind them and real physiological benefit and reasoning.  As a clinician myself, I feel I help my clients (and myself) better in recovery.
Comments: Doug shares a wealth of knowledge and does it in a way that is fun, interesting and felpful for the layman as well as the medical professional. 
Comments: One of the most knowledgeable health professionals. Information is evidence based, makes sense and most importantly works.
Comments: Doug is the only blogger that I make it a point to read period. It does not matter if it is health, politics, or finance.
Comments: He's an educator at heart. Patient, thoughtful, complete in his explainations and extremely well read and experienced. He's a healer and a writer.
Comments: The content of his blog entries is tremendously useful, and he's very good about regularly communicating
Comments: Doug is uplifting, practical and funny. Smart, science-based approach to living a better, happier life!
Congratulations, Doug K.!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008
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