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Dr. Rory S. Doctor of Psychology

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Wilmington, Massachusetts
Dr. Stern is a father, husband, son, "former therapist," ADHD coach, and avid child... Full Bio
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3 People Voted for Dr. Rory S. for the PHBA 2008!


In the little time that I have spent getting to know this 'Dr of the internet', I can feel this man's compassion and reap the benefits of his desire to reach parents, like myself, who have children with ADHD.  I look forward to learning more from this man who is so generous with his time and his knowledge.

Thank you Dr. Stern!!

Comments: He has help a lot of people to manage ADHD, and he continues to do so, he is dedicated and very passionate about what he does, that is why I am voting for him.
Comments: he is brilliant at giving information on ADHD and he knows what it is like for both the sufferers and parents of ADHD i would highly recommend Dr Rory S., PsyD! for this rerward he definatenly deserves it in my books
Congratulations, Dr. Rory S.!
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