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Saundra G. Patient Expert

Daytona Beach, Florida
As an informed dental patient, featured blogger, and consumer advocate, my mission is to educate and help you save your teeth or accept and laugh through the fear, discomfort, and surprises of tooth loss with humor and hope. Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide: How to keep your teeth or live... Full Bio
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58 People Voted for Saundra G. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Lots of information
Comments: Saundra is a very smart educated women.... Book is amazing!!!

She's a brilliant writer!!!! And it is high time she is recognized as such!!!!!

Thank you Saundra.

Comments: she needs validation for her superior sride in getting your web page known to all those that need help like this.great site!
Comments: Very informative and educational blog, has helped lots of people with preventative dental care... 
Comments: We each wish to vote for you and to comment on how very thorough and well thought out your research and your subsequesnt comments and advice are.  Your book is excellent and truly is the best for those of us who are lay people who might encounter great health challenges if we continue uninformed about dentistry and treatments.  Beside this we loaned our copy to a healthcare dental professional who found it to be of interest and help to her in her position in the dental field when discussing not only dental but the accompanying health issues.

Houston, we have contact!!!   Wellsphere, I now cast my vote for Saundra G of 

 The Lola

Comments: Love your blog. We all should pay more attention to our teeth! Geoff

Aside from this woman, Saundra, being a sincerely nice and caring person, she is well informed about dental health, and has given me a lot of professional, useful, knowledgeful help and insite into issues that my young daughter has encountered.  At the age of 6 years old, my daughter had severe gum disease and several cavities (Not due to poor hygiene, but due to neglegance from a doctor who prescribed her certain medications for other health problems that ultimately broke down her teeth and made them extremely vulnerable to decay).  If it weren't for Saundra's book, and speaking to her in person, I would not have known where the source of my daughter's suffering came from. I thank Saundra, and wish more people out there in the world took the time to teach others of the importance of dental health.  We love you, Saundra.. and Thank You.. and Good Luck!! {Michelle and Mitch Radford}

Comments: Informative and most interesting!
Comments: Saundra's blog and expertise have taught me so much about dental hygiene, especially how it has a crucial impact on and interconnects with other health issues.  She was my primary influence in deciding to increase my dental cleanings and be more diligent, not only in my dental care, but in my overall health care.

Saundra Goodman should win this award because her book on dentistry was thorough.  She is very Conscientious and cares about the health of all citizens.

Congratulations, Saundra G.!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!