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Somewhere, Michigan
I'm a stay-at-home mom of fraternal twin boys, plus I attend graduate school (special education... Full Bio
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20 People Voted for BearTwinsMom for the PHBA 2008!


Because she speaks from the heart.


Comments: I have knows Beartwinsmom via the internet for many years.  Her words have carved out a niche in my heart and have formed a special place for her there.  This award would let her know that her life, her words DO make a difference to so many people she touches!
Comments: Becuz she is an amazing person!

Blogs and information she posts will not only open your mind but will also touch your heart.

Comments: This wonderful woman is always putting links on her blogs to various places that she has found- wonderful resourses that she generously passes on to others.  She has depression and also a son with challenges and speaks out so others don't feel so alone, she is always sharing her knowledge! 
Comments: Dedicated Blogger Mother and very hard worker why shouldn't everyone vote for her?
Comments: Great healthy food blogger! 

an informative and inspirational blog

Comments: Breartwinsmom is a most genuine, caring, "mama bear" of twin boys, and through her struggles and challenges, she never ceases to care, inspire, and make others feel special through her words either on her blog or on twitter.
Comments: Because she writes from the her heart....
Comments: awesome blog

Because autism and depression needs more attention, thanks Beartwinsmom for doing exactly that first hand!


 And I can't even say it better than she does, so that's another reason she should win the award: 


"I write the truth and speak about my own experiences because I want others to know that they are not alone, and that it’s OK to ask for help."

Comments: Beartwinsmom provides helpful information to parents of autistic children, as well as offering an unabashed, brutally honest glimpse into the life and inner thoughts of a real person struggling with medical issues in themselves and their children. She has helpful and entertaining links, and is always up on the latest data. She has a busy real life, a busy online life, and yet she always takes the time to reply to commentors and tweets, and greets her new Twiter followers individually by name. Bearstwinmom is an excellent example of a health blogger. A real person with really useful information.
Comments: Because this blog ROCKS!
Congratulations, BearTwinsMom!
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