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Silver Spring, Maryland
Vanessa Maltin received a bachelor's degree in journalism from the George Washington... Full Bio
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Vanessa has gone above and beyond to bring a voice to the celiac disease community.  Not only is she a source of wisdom with comprehensive book and educational blogs, but her enthusiastic and upbeat disposition makes her a wonderful advocate for the autoimmune disease.   In addition to her detailed writing, Vanessa also has found many creative ways to bond with the celiac community -- creating a dinner club for those with gluten intolerance -- and working closely with the Washington Area Celiac Support group to participate in group meetings, update the website and offer advise.  Vanessa is an exceptional candidate for the Health Bloggger Awards' 'Favorite Health Blogger.'

Comments: Vanessa should win for her ongoing and continuous support for and advocacy of celiac awareness.  She has selflessly dedicated her life and her life's work to helping people live better gluten-free lives.
Comments: She totally rocks out the Celiac disease and she kind of looks like Natalie Portman - does Natalie Portman have celiac? OMG!
Comments: Vanessa is amazing.  she really has great recipes (I know because i have tried many of them) and she has really helpful advice for people who are going out and living a day to day life gluten free.  thanks!!
Comments: She has practical and useful information for celiacs.
Comments: Because she is an amazing advocate for all people who have gluten related problems  and her expertise in celiac related issues is unmatched.
Comments: She provides so much information and personal experience in dealing with Celiac Disease. She's the best!
Comments: I believe that Vanessa should win the blogger award since is she able to give people who have celiac disease and other disorders and diseases information that people need to know about.
Comments: Vanessa has really been a person who has embraced the Celiac lifestyle and made it better for all of us.
Comments: Vanessa is amazing and willing to help everyone.
Comments: Because she is the Celiac Princess
Comments: Vanessa's bog is among the most informative and reader friendly I have experienced.  I feel that readers of all ages and background could truly benefit from her words of wisdom and I certainly want to see her continue her efforts.  They have changed my life!
Comments: Vanessa M is dedicated to helping people get quality information that will benefit them and improve their outcomes. She is so young, yet totally driven and I admire her cheery outlook and enthusiam.
Congratulations, Vanessa M.!
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