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Silver Spring, Maryland
Vanessa Maltin received a bachelor's degree in journalism from the George Washington... Full Bio
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Comments: She is an amazying woman with tons of intelligence and has the heart of gold to help people all across the universe with celiac
Comments: Vanessa is very devoted to her cause and to a healthy life style whose rules and recipes are easy to follow.  Her cookies are delicious!
Comments: she has been able to use her role as a young and inspiring author and cook as well as political expertise in drawing attention to our chronic illness--celiac disease. It has been neglected for far too long.
Comments: Informative, creative, fantastic... all superlatives that describe Vanessa! She is great.
Comments: has educated many of us celiacs! 

Vanessa is as talented a cooker as she is writer.  She's innovative and original with all her recipes.  There is no food she can't figure out how to make.  Even better, all her instructions are easy to understand and read.  But the best part about them is the taste.  Her food is just as good (and often times better) than regular food with glutten. 

 Beyond her recipes, her personal stories are inspiring.  She gives people with celiac disease the life they deserve.  She's always on the look out for new restaurants or new foods they can eat.  Bringing awareness to such an underdiagnosed condition is so important.  People with celiac suffer for years until they are diagnosed.  Once they are, they have to change their whole life around.  Vanessa's writing and ideas are extremely helpful and hopeful to anyone suffering from this disease.  

Comments: she's awesome and the blog is fun and informative.
Comments: Vanessa is truly dedicated to making a difference in the world by helping other so they don't have to suffer from this terrible disease. Whether it is information or good cooking she has it all and her efforts are tireless.
Comments: When you read her postings, you feel like she's actually talking to you. She just gets it.
Comments: no one works harder and helps me better undertand and deal with my celiac disease.
Comments: Vanessa has created a very informative blog with the latest information on Celiac Disease and health care.  Her stories are informative and she also adds a great personnel touch.  Her recipes are also FANTASTIC!!!
Comments: This is a problem people face every day and Vanessa's blog is not only informative - it's relatable!
Comments: Vanessa does a tireless job of promoting healthy living, and she LIVES the cause...big thumbs up!
Comments: Vanessa is the greatest!
Comments: She has a wonderful and informative website that helps people like me, with Celiacs disease, to eat better and healthier foods.  Plus, she is cute as hell!
Congratulations, Vanessa M.!
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