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I am a very ambitious person. I have a die hard passion for doing epilepsy awareness work. I have lived with epilepsy almost all my life. Went through lots of hard knocks, rejections and bitterness. Whoa la...! My struggles had molded and transformed me from a weakling to a gutsy person with a... Full Bio
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Comments: She has a  kind heart
Comments: She believes in every little bit of efforts done will go a long way to help others.  And when others who have been helped by her also follow her footstep then, a continuous and ongoing effect is achieved.  She is steadfast in her work.

To go through life with epilepsy is tough.  When sickness privial, one needs alot of perservance, love, care in order to stand strong and build one's life again.  Few would have perserve but Serene you have make and change your live anew.  It is a blessing to know that you have written this blog from the bottom of your heart to encourage each and every one who are also suffering from this disease.  It takes alot of courage for you to share your life with others.  All things are possible for those who really believe in themself saying "I can overcome all situation in my life

God Bless you and your family.

Comments: How many people can be strong and proud with their life with Epilepsy???
Comments: Her articles are very inspiring, even for a non-epilectic like me. It is an evidence of every human's life - it mattered not what comes your way, but what makes a difference is the choice you make in handling it.

I think this article will be helpful to the patient and thier family members, so they can take care them better.

Thank you

Comments: Serene is a very loving and caring person, as i have known her for 20 years. She is a strong person as well, as she has to fight against epilepsy all these years, but it didnt stop her from creating a epilepsy fund and it also didnt stop her from spreading the awareness of epilepsy to the public through her website.
Comments: An epileptic person herself who has a very positive attitude and does not hesitate to extend a helping hand to others like her.
Comments: I think she is doing excellent work in Epilepsy Awareness and in helping those with Epilepsy to help themselves.
Comments: she is excellent in her epilepsy awareness work!
Congratulations, Serene L.!
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