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Carrie A. Patient Expert

Washington, District of Columbia
After nearly a decade of anorexia, I'm learning how to love, laugh, and live again. And in no... Full Bio
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6 People Voted for Carrie A. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Not only is Carrie's blog insightful, witty, and honest, she educates her readers.
Comments: Carrie is wonderfully supportive and a great writer. I love her blog, and I love and value her imput on my own posts and thoughts. We're on different ends of the ED spectrum, but Carrie proves to me that an ED is an ED, whatever name we might give to it.
Congratulations, Carrie A.!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!