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Tosin Ola Registered Nurse

Portland, Oregon
I'm 30 year old, fun and feisty female with sickle cell anemia. I'm a registered nurse, a... Full Bio
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11 People Voted for Tosin Ola for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Vixen doesn't believe in allowing sickle cell to limit her life experiences. Great, positive attitude!
Comments: She gives excellent advice
Comments: Informative, first person perspective of someone living with Sickle Cell. Packed full of helpful info in an easy to read style.
Comments: Vixen gives very comprehensive and relevant information about Sickle Cell Disease.  I can trust her words because she has the disease, she knows the disease, is in the medical field and it is obvious she is trying to help all of us and herself.  I started to follow her blog in Aug '07 and her words lifted my spirits as I had been hospitalized and in danger of losing my job because I had been ill twice that year. 
Comments: Vixen's blog is great.
Comments: What she says makes sense.
Comments: Her blog addresses a health issue that does not get much attention.  She gives a healthy and positive look at a health issue that shows people afflicted with sickel cell that does not have to control how you live your life.

Keep bolgging ........................

Happy new year to you from all of us.


Congratulations, Tosin Ola!
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