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Huntington Beach, California
My name is GiGi and I am the author of Anti Aging Nutrition News as well as other health related sites. If you are over 40 like me (okay, fine... over 50), you're probably already feeling the effects of aging and are looking for a healthy yet effective way to enjoy this time of your life without feeling old and tired all the time. My job is to provide you with the latest research, tips and resources for getting the most out of life after 40.
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Comments: Because Gigi teaches you a lot about nutrition: which is - apart from the air we breath in - our most important health contributor.
Comments: She's very good and and has alot of knowledge regarding anti-aging.  I read her blog continually and find it very useful.  Better than the rest.
Comments: Her offering is varied and quite useful.

'cause she has such a cute smile.....


I get  a lot of great info from what she posts.


Gigi is inspirational and beautiful!

Comments: Fantastic articles on the blog, and a great newsletter, too!

Always provides exceptional, pratical information!


Pam Hoffman



Her blog posts are current to topics in the news and research, very informative...thank you. 


Becausse he made good products avaiable for people that have not much money! Thanks GIGI :).

Comments: Gigi takes her anti aging blog seriously.  She wants to help as many people as she can by making the information available in easy to follow posts..
Comments: She is helpful, curtious,and up to date on whats happening in todays information on whats good and whats not.  She makes my day.
Comments: cause she's the bomb!
Comments: Subscribing to gigi's feed is an excellent way to get tons of information delivered directly to you about anti aging nutrition specifically.  Looks like the site is doing great!
Congratulations, GiGi!
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