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Teresa K. Patient Expert

Cedar Rapids, IA
I've worked in health care most of my life. I have a masters degree in nursing working most recently in a primary care clinic. My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow, in 1999.
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Comments: Teresa is my favorite health Blogger because she is gives my all the information I need to know. She writes about my father who was diagnosis with MM nine years ago. But not only has she helped me learn about my fathers cancers but I have read all the responses she gets and how she answers so many question for others who don't have the medical now how to look up some of the crazy stuff they call medical terms. So I vote for her kindness, her knowledge and her strength to keep going in all the tough times that come her way. Love you Mom!!!
Comments: Because she has provided a lot of information about multiple myeloma
Congratulations, Teresa K.!
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