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Mound, Minnesota
Hi from Minnesota. I have been living with PIDD for many years. I started treatment for CVID in 2004. I currently receive my IgG therapy by self-infusing, or using the Sub Q (subcutaneous) method. I have been feeling so much better since receiving IgG therapy. I feel like I have my life back,... Full Bio
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Comments: Carol used to be my boss - I can't think of anyone more deserving than she to win this award.  She is one of the smartest people I know and when she says she will do something, it will get done no matter what.  She sprinkles hope like a refreshing summer rain wherever she goes and people need that when they are dealing with all types of chronic disease like these.  Please consider her very seriously before you make your final decision.
Comments: This a well-organized blog and my wife and I both keep frequent tabs on it for new posts.  "ckmiletti" doesn't know it, but she indirectly educates our physicians!
Comments: Yours readers and their votes are the best testimonies of your outstanding blog.
Comments: Carol should win this award because she's created the greatest health blog that is helping so many people with this disorder, even many experts don;t even understand.
Comments: Thoroughly informative blog.  I can always count on learning something new and seems to be written with MY health issues in mind.  Just how do you do that?
Comments: Carol is able to help so many people- she comes into contact via blog, then email, and telephone.  Dedicated Lady- thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!
Comments: Hers are messages of inspiration!

Carol is an inspirational, dedicated advocate for greater awareness, understanding and treatment of primary immunodeficiency.  Her site provides a great platform for discussion of practical aspects of living with and dealing with primary immunodeficiency. 

 She provides practical insights, useful information and thoughtful commentary.


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