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Severn, Maryland
I'm a Certified Outdoors Fitness Instructor (C.O.F.I.) for The Sergeant's Program: Military Style Fitness Training. I've been a trainer for the program for almost a year and started tracking our routines, recipes, opinions and random information that I saw as relevant and important to individuals who are looking to get into shape. These exercise routines are composed of military drills, plyometric exercises, high interval circuits, CrossFit style combinations with a twist and most... Full Bio
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83 People Voted for Chev for the PHBA 2008!


In one word - he is awesome! He always smiles, cracks a joke, but knows how to get down to business!


I think Sgt Shawn should win as he genuinely cares about his students. He is constantly pushing us to reach our limits and posts nutritional info on his blog. If there are questions that he is unable to answer, he will research and provide the answer for the team via the blog. Exercise and nutrition goes hand in hand and Sgt. Shawn is helping us realize that we can't do one without the other. Sgt. Shawn is knowledgeable and sincere about fitness and has demonstrated this trait on a daily basis.

We are in the process of tracking our daily intake, which he will provide positive/negative feedback to aid our weight loss, while increasing lean muscle mass.

Comments: His positive attitude, sense of humor and commitment to health and fitness!
Comments: Shawn is a dedicated fitness guru. He brings creativity and a passion to this endeavor that lets me believe that he has found oe of his life's goal - to help people achieve a balance between mind, body and spirit. He should win this because he is living out his passion and affecting change in others!
Comments: He is truly an insperation.
Comments: Shawn "Chev" is fit, dynamic and a great leader in keeping his boot camp team motivated.  
Comments: I vote for Chev!
Comments: Shawn has always been an inspiration from the time I met him ten years ago.  Fitness and Wellness are a vital part of his day and has shown us all the importance of these things in your life.  I wish that I lived closer to him so I could get my bumm kicked by him. 
Comments: continuously giving recommendations to everyone to eat healthy, stay fit.  always opened for suggestions.  

Chev consistently provides health and fitness information on his website  The topics range from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) to how to sit on the toilet. The information is provide for practical application in the lives of the reader. I dare say few clients/customers have material readily available to them from their fitness instructor.

Comments: This guy blog every day with alot of good information. He take time out of his busy life to education us. He has gave me and so many others hope that we can be all that we use to be. Shawn is the greatest!

Chev shares very meaningful messages everyday on his site that inspire me to better health and wellness.  I look forward to reading the content everyday.  You can tell that he is comitted to better health and understands what we need to inspire us to do better by the the topics he shares.  

Comments: My wife is looking better and better thanks to Sgt. Shawn!
Comments: I actually need to get in shape and I will use this blog along with my personal trainer to attempt to get back in shape. Nice posts Chev.
Comments: He kicks my ass in bootcamp. He's knowledgeable and he really enjoys teaching others on being more fit. A genuine passion in his training style. 
Congratulations, Chev!
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