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Severn, Maryland
I'm a Certified Outdoors Fitness Instructor (C.O.F.I.) for The Sergeant's Program: Military Style Fitness Training. I've been a trainer for the program for almost a year and started tracking our routines, recipes, opinions and random information that I saw as relevant and important to individuals who are looking to get into shape. These exercise routines are composed of military drills, plyometric exercises, high interval circuits, CrossFit style combinations with a twist and most... Full Bio
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83 People Voted for Chev for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: He has the best blog that I have seen around.
Comments: He should win because he is dedicated and diligent.  He cares about other people just as much as himself.
Comments: He inspires everyone to be better people.
Comments: He is genuinely dedicated to fitness and health.
Comments: You won't find anyone more fitting to win the award.
Comments: Everyone loves Shawn's great attitude and extreme energy.
Comments: Shawn is dedicated. He even uses the company intranet page for people to get involved and check what he's doing. Great guy too.
Comments: I live in the UK and happened to use his blog for some of my fitness clients. Great idea to have this award. I think he works hard for it. 
Comments: He told me to :) Good Luck Shawn
Comments: He's an awesome BootCamp Instructor!!!
Comments: I was with Mark when Shawn told him to. Shawn is a born leader and I just checked it out. There is good info for people just getting back into fitness. I like the layout. 
Comments: He eats, lives and breathes fitness. He definitely knows his stuff and blogs out of share enjoyment and passion for health and fitness. He's good at what he does and deserves to get credit  for it.
Comments: Chev should win this award because he is awesome.  He is one of the most dedicated fitness fanatics that I know.  He continually provides us with excellent feedback on exercise, health, nutrition, and whatever else it is that we ask him about.  He genuinely cares about other people, and what their issues are.  He's the greatest and most favorite health blogger that I know.
Congratulations, Chev!
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