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11 People Voted for T. for the PHBA 2008!


This is a physician who expresses her deep compassion for her patients more beautifully than any medical writer whose work I have seen.   She does this while giving a detailed but readable description of her day at the hospital.

I called Dr. T. to the attention of leadership at the association representing her specialty, and the president-elect promptly invited her to contribute in any way she chose to the specialty newsletter, including serving on its committee.  The president-elect is a very smart man who knows quality when he sees it.

Comments: She writes eloquently about a wide variety of issues, with real substance to boot!
Comments: Her blog is exciting and informative and a must for medical teachers to read and heed.
Comments: she's an achiever!

A genuine, caring, professional human being that writes from the heart...

This Blog can be enjoyed by both medical and non-medical folks. 

For never failing to make me think more, care more, feel more -- I VOTE FOR T.!


because she gives her best at everything she does!

she has a good heart, she deserves to win!!!

Comments: <i>Notes of an Anesthesioboist</i> has my vote. Honest and compassionate, T is searching beyond the limits of medicine, which makes her the sort of doctor I wish for everyone.
Comments: Always intelligent, thoughtful, and thought-provokking.  Great blog!