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39 People Voted for neenaw for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Neenaw is well written and always interesting.
Comments: I liked it. It was much better than Cats. I'm going to see it again and again.
Comments: Great blog, a fascinating read. As a Brit now living in Australia - gives me little insights into my old home country (and the state of public bureaucracy!)
Comments: Original, funny and damn right scary in places!
Comments: Because her blog is a joy to read!
Comments: Because her blog is witty, gritty and and well written!
Comments: MArks blog is well thought out, interesting and gorgeously written; in the true spirit of blogging it informs and amuses in equal measure.
Comments: His writing is instantly engaging, succinct, easy to read, and never lacking in poignancy or humour, while always demonstrating an attitude of humble respect worthy of the subject matter. Always tasteful and always interesting.
Comments: I have a crush on him.

Well-crafted writing, honesty, compassion, openness, clarity of vision, a balanced outlook incorporating self-aware criticism and acknowledgement: Neenaw expresses not mere polemic, but the moral, spiritual, and psychological difficulties which must arise from trying to behave in a principled way when principles conflict.

Not only is he a good writer, as a writer, he lets us into as many dimensions of his own life as he can without betraying anyone's trust. He is trustworthy, as well as mature: and that trustworthiness, married to his many skills, seems to me to be rare in the blogosphere.

 I hasten to add I do not know him in person or through any other medium than his blog;  this is a true vote.

Comments: It's a well written blog, full of unusual information about the health services in Britain - but it's also quite humorous!
Comments: Because Mark writes with humour but is also very informative about 999 in general.
Comments: Great website with stories which interest both insiders and outsiders!
Comments: It is an awesome read!
Comments: Mark Myers writes an intelligent, sensitive, well-constructed blog that is both entertaining and informative.

I think Mark should win the award because he tells it as it is for the ambulance service.  He is the voice of us Emergency Dispatchers.  He tells of our frustrations, our highs and lows and he attempts to educate the public on how to use the emergency services. 


Congratulations, neenaw!
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