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Burlington, Vermont
Non-Toxic Kids is a green parenting blog written to help parents raise kids as naturally and as chemical free as possible.  It features current events, product reviews, ways to take action and creative ideas for raising kids naturally.
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10 People Voted for vermontkaty for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: Katy is amazing at sharing her well studied knowledge. I love her Blog. She is very much dedicated to helping our kids & helping our world.

Katy has been amazing! Her blog is my go to place for information about keeping my kids safe and healthy in this ever changing world. Katy is constantly researching and sharing results with us about chemicals in our day to day life. Thank you Katy for opening my eyes and keeping me informed. In this busy life I need you!


Comments: Katy at the NonToxic Kids blog delivers the most interesting and informative and in most cases life-saving information to my inbox each week.  Her research concentrated in this blog help me keep my 11 month-old safe and growing healthy.  I would otherwise never know this information.  She's helping raise a healthier America.
Comments: not only is katy a mom, but also finds time to be a teacher as well as run a helpful, informative blog for the masses! katy should win :)
Comments: This blog has some very helpful information and updates!
Congratulations, vermontkaty!
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