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Dr. Junig volunteers his time, expertise and personal experience, reaching out to help people who have addictions.  He backs up his advice with science and fact. In today's world there aren't many doctors who are as generous and I cannot think of a better medical professional to receive this award!



Comments: Great info!!!!!!
Comments: This is one of the most informative health/addiction blogs I have ever come across. The author/doctors' personal experiences and vast knowledge on the subject are conveyed through beautiful, succinct prose. I am more knowledgeable and understanding of the subject than I previously was and he inspires hope intreatment and recovery. I check this site multiple times a day. THIS is an award-winning blog if I have ever seen one.
Comments:  He is not only a patient on subxone he is telling the sub story from a certified practioner's point of view, having sub patients under his care where he can give real life up to date clinical info to those who follow him. It's obvious nobody ownes him no BS, calls it the way he sees it.
Comments: Such a controversial topic that needs attention.  Addicts are dying and SuboxDoc's perspective is critical.  I applaud the information as well as the honesty.  People need to know and TALK about addiction and SuboxDoc knows it - and DOES it!
Comments: The man was the only person that helped me get clean from opiate abuse over decades of using, from 5 states away.   When  my local area subox docs could and would not do anything for me,  this guy took an interest in my wellbeing from 500 miles away.   The mans heart is not in his pocketbook ,  but in his caring about his patients wellbeing.  |To find a doctor such as |Dr. |Junig is very rare in todays society and other physicians should look to his model of treating patients as an upgrade to their practice.   This doctor defines what was and still should be the hippocratic oath to patients everywhere.  Too bad Dr. Junig wasn't head of the FDA,  fraud and deceit association,  Big Pharma  would be Little Pharma today

This is an amazingly well-informed, level-headed blog that tackles an often difficult topic, opiate addiction.  i have found a great deal of helpful information, and the blogger, SuboxDoc, even responds with personal emails that are kind, courteous, and well thought-out responses, even when people comments are negative, reactive and uninformed.

i'd love to see him win an award as he puts an incredible amount of effort into this blog. i believe that many can benefit from it as a personal resource, individuals who have questions, concerns or are poorly informed about suboxone treatment and whether or not it is right for them.

opiate addicition is rampant in our society, and it is valuable that people like the SuboxDoc attempt to demystify the shame and fear that many people have regarding opiate addiction in all its forms.  He encourages healthy living, as well as honesty and openness.

i do not know the SuboxDoc, and found his site by accident when i began suboxone treatment this past Summer.  I am really glad I found his site, as many of the others, were not only anti-recovery, but filled with negativity and inaccurate, and often fear-based information.

i referred my doctor to his site, and she actually revised her treatment methods based upon some of his recommendations as the follow-up research which she made confirmed his recommendations.


JM, a recoverying alcoholic and addict.



Comments: Very knowledgable, good sense of humor, compassionate,dedicated
Comments: extremely knowledgeable in both addiction and chronic pain with a background in both anesthesia and psychiatry. Seems to genuinely care about individuals concerns and helps to the best of his ability. I am in the medical field myself and its not very common to come across a physician like that.
Comments: With all the wild internet "info" out there,he seems to have a clear head and some reasonable info.
Comments: He's the most caring doctor I know!
Comments: Dr Jung is straightforward in his thinking around addiction. He is pragmatic and has first hand knowledge of addiction, it's consequences, and practical ways to  deal with addiction through medicine and therapy. His website provides me with very useful information in dealing with my own opiate addiction and cravings. He as helped me to overcome the stigma of using a very important medicine in  my own addiction therapy-namely Suboxone.
Comments: he has the most useful and understanding information i have come across anywhere
Comments: This Doc has helped me out so many times when I had questions about my medication and how I am being handled with my own physician. He also answers my questions before I even asks with his blog. I am so grateful.
Comments: I start my morning out by going to my computer to see what new blog Subox Doc has written all his blogs help me more than my physician about suboxone. Thanks Doc and I hope You Win! Gayla Sweatt
Congratulations, SuboxDoc!
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