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4 People Voted for My Elder Advocate for the PHBA 2008!



Jack Halpern "My Elder Advocate" is the BEST health care blogger. His articles are distressing, disturbing and difficult to read at times because they are brutally truthful. Knowledge is Power, thank you Jack for empowering us. After you get over the initial nausea of how horrible some of our eldercare facilitities are, you should become angry enough to act.

Ignorance is BLISS, knowledge is POWER! Thank you Jack Halpern!!!

Comments: Not only is Jack extremely knowlegeable about the subject, he really cares about his clients!
Comments: Jack shows us why we need to change the wau society percieves the elderly in order for our own lives to be fullfiled if we're lucky enough to reach that age. 
Congratulations, My Elder Advocate!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008
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