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43 People Voted for Ken C. for the PHBA 2008!


Unending passion for blogging, photog'ing, and storytelling of all things to promote running for health, for fun, and for socializing.

Comments: He was an inspiration to me during the training for my first marathon. Thanks Ken!!!
Comments: Ken is the ultimate!
Comments: Ken is inspiring and encourages those of us to get out there and run /walk for our health! He's also a funny guy and deserves to be recognized for all his hard work with RunnersWorldTulsa.
Comments: Ken's blog is awesome.  It is an inspiration to those stuck on the couch.  Seeing his adventures makes you want to be Ken.
Comments: Ken is an avid blogger who is dedicated to posting the results from his personal activities and the activities of his running group.  Many of our group love to read the blog to learn more about everyone's progress and achievements.
Comments: He's a fungi
Comments: Ken is my favorite Health Blogger because he is real! And real amazing. Its nice to have a local guy run the trails we run and see the world from a different view. He posts great pictures of his runs and is so motivating. Thanks Ken!
Comments: Very creative creature, that dedicates a lot of time and effort to this. Has an encouraging and slightly competitive nature to the blog, that sits well with everyone. Sheds some light on activities in the Tulsa Area that may be harder to find. Blogging gives an added aspect to the nature of running.
Comments: very interesting....promotes running....healthy life style

Motivational, Dedicated to the sport, gives every aspirirng trail runner the boost they need to get out and do it, not just sit and look at it on the internet!

 Because of Ken, I bought a pair of trail shoes and actually get them DIRTY!


Thanks Ken!

Comments: The man is a machine! Dean Karnazes has nothing on TZ when it comes to ultra marathoning!
Comments: Because he is passionate about his beliefs.  He is humourous and very inspiring.
Comments: Because he's AWESOME!!!
Congratulations, Ken C.!
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