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9 People Voted for Stuart G. for the PHBA 2008!

Comments: He provides a truthful and down to earth account of what life on the frontline of the NHS is really like and has inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a paramedic.
Comments: He is a witty and informative writer who always manages to convey the appropriate feelings for any event.  His writing style has a real draw back factor and I can easily find myself absorbed within seconds.  He is a very regular blogger with almost daily updates.  Excellent, couldn't be better!
Comments: his blog is so true of the daily problems paramedics face.
Comments: I think Stuart Gray should win because he is such an inspiration to me, I am working my way to becoming a paramedic and he has taken the time to give me advice on how to reach my goal. 
Comments: Always interesting stories. Inspired me to follow my dream and become a paramedic which I'm now training to do.
Congratulations, Stuart G.!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2009 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008
People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!