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Mellanie H. Patient Expert

Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial fibrillation patient, she lived in fear and knows what it’s like to suffer with afib. You can read her story at Following her atrial fibrillation surgery... Full Bio
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141 People Voted for Mellanie H. for the PHBA 2008!


Mellanie True Hills puts such a personal touch on her health blog. I routinely read her wisdoms, found them very helpful and even emailed Mellanie a few times to ask her questions before my procedure.

AND GET THIS! By the time I got home from the hospital following my procedure there was a "thinking of you" email from Mellanie letting me know she was available if I had any post-op questions.

She's the very best and if I could vote 1,000 times for her; I would!

Comments: Clear and informative communications.

Mellanie is one of the most caring people, constantly hard at work helping others avoid pain and the fears of health problems. Her insights and knowledge and her willingness to give so freely of herself and her time are incredibly special. She's always been a winner in my book!

Thanks, Mellanie!

Comments: Keep Up The Good Work.

Dedicated, informativel, always after the most up to date information and keeps everyone informed.

Comments: For those of us with AFib, she has provided so much information that has improved our understanding of the health issues we face. Knowledge saves lives every day!!!!!
Comments: I vote for Mellanie, because if she hadnt given me the information about afib I wouldnt be here right now. I got my life back after I had my maze surgery last May. I havent had afib since Sept. of 08. We need more people like her to get the word out about health issues. Thanks Mellanie! Teresa from Michigan

Mellanie Hills has been an inspiration to many women who have faced heart issues.  Her true life experiences have provided more education and insight to women who have faced heart problems and illnesses.  Mellanie sincerely cares about other women's health and by sharing her messages, researching and speaking on this important topic it has contnued to kept many of us informed. 

Laura Hatcher Havis

Round Rock, Texas

Comments: i've gotten more information about my condition from her than from my doctor.  i've had afib for almost 20 years, and have tried numerous medications with no luck.  at least mellanie's focal point is afib, and not alot of other issues. she is dedicated and knowlegable.
Comments: We that live with A Fib need someone to help keep us informed of the latest & most important information to help us control our disease.  There is not a lot of info available from those who have lived with A Fib.
Comments: dedicated and informative information.  
Congratulations, Mellanie H.!
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